When the Exterior of Your Building Needs Some Work

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Exterior Painting Service in Billings, MT

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You deserve to have your exterior paint work completed right the first time, and have it last for years. You can trust the professionals at Joey D Painting Service to perform a full exterior paint job that will leave you with long-lasting colors.

Our prep varies based by substrate. When applicable, we power wash , sand, and use different types of primers and sealers on your exterior surfaces before we begin. When you hire us, you can expect your exterior paint to last longer than you expect!

Hire Professional Painters in the Billings, MT area

Hire Professional Painters in the Billings, MT area

Why paint your home's exterior?

The paint on the outside of your home comes with an expiration date. If the paint is chipping or faded, a new paint job can make a real difference. Aside from the improvement of your home's curb appeal, a new exterior paint job can counteract weather or sun damage. When working on wood structures that turned black and have aged from the sun, we perform an oxalic acid wash, which is water mixed with acid and is biodegradable. This phase will bring back the beauty of the wood.

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